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Banking products or services for and between merchant banks and other financial institutions is called as a wholesale banking or in other words corporate banking (not co-orporate).
in Retail Banking we observe that retail banking deals with individuals at the same point, whole sale banking or corporate banking deals with larger institutions such as companies, big corporates.

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generally bank manages funding services, stock broking, forex, derivatives, treasury research and management, global trade services, cash management services, financial advisory and maintenance services to their corporate clients. do note that there are too many services in wholesale banking, as retail banking is for common public and wholesale banking is for big fellas, thats the reason most of the people do not know about wholesale banking services.
bill discounting, working capital finance, short term – long term finance, letter for credits, bank guarantee, collection of documents, money market, real time gross settlement, channel financing, reimburesement accounts, public issues etc. there are many names in whole sale banking.

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Retail Banking In India, Important Notes

what is the meaning of retail banking

Retail Banking denotes banking products and services for Individuals and includes segments like Associations, Trust, Clubs, Foundations, Small business with Proprietary / Partnership Constitutions. Broadly all the non corporate segments (Non Manufacturers and non limited companies) come under Retail Banking.

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Retail banking in India

Retail banking in india is not a new era in indian economy. Retail banking came in to focus around last few years of 19th century. it was always been prevalent in verious terms. in past typical products offered in indian retail banking sector were housing loans, consumption loans for purchase of durables, auto loans, credit cards and educational loans.
Retail Banking in India has been focused on 2 major activities.
1.Transaction banking
2.Credit Products

Products & Services under retail banking in india
Retail Banking Sector is characterized by three main fundamentals

  • multiple products
  • multiple channels of distribution
  • multiple customer groups

-> multiple products includes deposits, credit cards, insurance, investments and securities, lockers etc.
-> channels of distribution contains call centre, branch, Internet and kiosk etc.
-> multiple customer contains Individuals, Trust, Clubs, Foundations, Small business with Proprietary / Partnership

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