Five Tips For Improving English Grammar Essentially

Well Grammar is one of the most important part in any languages especially when we talk about English. Grammar is the set of structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in any given natural language.
First of all, there are many ways or we can say there are many loop holes that you can detect on your particular level of English subject. Every language is made of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, tenses etc. Don’t be confused, this article let you perfect way to correct your grammar errors.

Tips for Improving Grammar

Here is the five essential tips that can boost up your grammatical power and skills.
1) Tenses
2) Vocabulary
3) Reading
4) Writing
5) Listening
Lets look on every tips in brief so that you can grammatical errors. Assume to read each and every part of this article with focusing your mind. These are the easiest things to learn English grammar without investing  a time.
Improve Tenses

tenses are anatomy of human languages, moreover tenses are important to describe what you going to say to your prospective listeners. Lots of students failed to maintain tenses correction while speaking or writing English. That’s why tenses error is one of the common error in English grammar. Improving you tenses knowledge is not one minute’s task. Students have to learnt very seriously.
We have covered Tenses in English grammar article for improving your tenses which is fundamental part of teaching English yourself.
Learn Vocabulary 
improve vocabulary
Vocabulary: A sound Vocabulary is essential for acquiring communication skills. Using the right word at the right place makes communication more meaningful and effective. A strong vocabulary is very important for students appearing for competitive exams and also in their professional lives. We must realize that our vocabulary cannot be enriched overnight. Essential vocabulary is the most important thing while speaking or writing English language to describe the subject. There are grades of Vocabulary while appearing in to highly qualified English level exams. One of the hardest part is 8th grade vocabulary. 

Read, How to Increase Vocabulary or English word bank easily.  
 Reading :

next part will be your reading habit of English language. Reading is the old method to improve not only English grammar but also to understand the vocabularies, tenses, noun, synonyms, antonyms etc.

Read what you love, love what you read. This is the quote that you should remind while correcting or improving your grammar skills. Grammar practice can be boost up through reading.

Buy your favorite magazines, books, novels etc and read it with concentration. Understand the each and every words of stories. Read the English news paper that will help you to improve in grammar and vocabulary collection.
Writing :

When we are kid in primary schools, our teacher always told us that we should have write at least one article per day to improve not only our grammar mistakes but also our hand writing style. Writing is one of the boring task In this scenario but I promise you, ones it habituate in your daily routine, you will entertain yourself quiet well.

 There are many ways to improve writing, one of the best way is write general knowledge or current affairs. Atleast write one article per day on your notebook or your computer about daily things that happening. Nowadays we can use facebook or twitter to write our thoughts. People are there to help our grammatical errors too.
Listening :

This one is my favorite part and the best way to learn whole English language with entertain. Actually listening is not just a listening that you are thinking right now. As far as psychology is concern, average of human ear listens millions of line per day but brain didn’t collect that all. After wakeup in the morning on next day, your temporary memory gonna erase.

Listening is art of meditation, you can listen your favorite news channel or your favorite movies, tv series which broadcasting in English. Initial practices may require subtitles to understand. Just focus what speakers is saying and what is the mean and you will find quiet gainful moment.

Helpful Tips to Improve Vocabulary in English

how to improve your vocabulary


A sound Vocabulary is essential for acquiring communication skills. Using the right word at the right place makes communication more meaningful and effective. A strong vocabulary is very important for students appearing for competitive exams and also in their professional lives. We must realize that our vocabulary can not be enriched overnight. Building it requires regular and determined efforts.
Vocabulary improvement primarily involves two activities.
1) Adding new words to our vocabulary
2) Revising meanings of words we already know.
You must make the effort to learn new words regularly, if not daily. Reading is an excellent way of enhancing your vocabulary. A student aspiring to apply for higher education courses or who wants to apply for an competitive examinations should start building up skills of word power at an early stage. Revising the meaning of words already learnt is as important as learning new words. If a word is not used for a long time it easily slips from our memory. Proficiency in vocabulary can be enhanced by widening the base of our word bank. Exercises in verbal analogy and verbal ability not only improve our word power but also help us to learn how to understand the meanings of words in various contexts.
improve vocabulary


Tips to Improve Vocabulary

There are two methods that can directly enhanced your vocabulary and word bank.
1) Verbal analogy
2) Verbal ability

What is verbal analogy


Verbal analogy and verbal ability are parts of almost all major competitive examinations. The word ‘analogy’ is derived from the Greek ana, which means ‘relation’ and logus, which means ‘knowledge’.
The word analogy is a noun meaning a similar feature, condition, state, etc. shared by two things that are compared. It is also the process of reasoning based on similar features of two different things, items, people, animals, etc. in competitive examinations the verbal analogy section enables the examiner to evaluate the candidate’s reasoning skills as it test his/her ability to compare and establish proper relationships among the given items on the basis of certain commonalities.
Questions on analogy cover a wide range of relationships that we observe in our daily life. Some common types of relationships that candidates are frequently required to identify are those between state and capital, country and currency, male and female, parent and offspring etc.How to crack ANALOGIES

You can try to understand the relationship between the word of the key pairs in the following ways.
ü  Narrowing down your choices
ü  Framing a sentence
ü  Keeping the different meaning of the words in mind
ü  Looking out for clues meant to mislead
ü  Looking for relationships
ü  Looking for synonyms of antonyms
ü  Looking for some common characteristics
Ornithology: Birds::Botany: Plants
Explanations: Ornithology is the study of birds whereas botany is a study of plants
Prism: Glass::Wall: brick
Explanation: Prism is made of glass and a wall is made of bricks

Verbal Ability

Like verbal analogy, verbal ability is an important component of any competitive examination. There are more than forty different ways of framing questions to test the verbal ability of students. To understand this topic better, it can be divided in to four broad categories
  1. Vocabulary based questions
  2. Grammar based questions
  3. Verbal reasoning questions
  4. Writing style questions
In this article, we will talk about vocabulary based questions. There are the most common type of verbal ability questions and are probably simplest to understand and answer. In this type, the questions are based on the meaning of the given terms or its synonyms, its antonyms or idiomatic usages. This primarily aims at testing the candidate’s vocabulary.
That’s it guys, read about how to crack analogies above to improve your vocabulary and starts daily practice now.

Adjectives – English Grammar

Meaning : Adjectives is a describtive word. if you want to discribe anything then you should have to use “Adjectives”.
like if i want to descibe my website, how should i describe it?
Jobgyaan is Fast.
Jobgyaan is faster than other websites
jobgyaan is the fastest website in the online learning web world.

so here we have describe this website as a “Fast” world which is obviously “Adjective” in simple words you can describe any details with Adjective words.

types of adjectives

Usage of Adjectives

so as we know, Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in the sentence. The Articles “a, an, and the” are adjectives. Adjectives can tell the reader how much / how many of something you’re talking about, which thing you want passed to you, or which kind you want.

Types of Adjectives

remind down below quote for better understanding 

An adjective is a word or set of words that modifies or describes a noun or pronoun. Adjectives may come before the word they modify.

  • Attributive adjectives
  • Predicative adjectives
  • Absolute adjectives
  • Nominal adjectives 

Parallelism- English Grammar For Bank & Competitive Exams Preparation

Parallelism- English Grammar

parallelism, also known as parallel structure or parallel construction, is a balance within one or more sentences of similar phrases or clauses that have the same grammatical structure. Parallelism improves writing style and readability, and is thought to make sentences easier to process.

so who is joining the structure and hey what is parallelism in easy terms ? and how could it helps us in to government bank examinations? or in competitive exams?

Parallelism- English Grammar Examples

lets says if we want to join the two sentences like below examples.
he likes blogging
he likes singing
he likes dating
so in parallelism we gonna write he likes blogging, singing, and dating.

factors that joins  the parallel sentences

so what are the factors that joins  the parallel sentences?

  • and 
  • but 
  • as 
  • or
  • then
  • although
we can use parallelism in to nouns, gerunds, adjectives, and in tenses. meanwhile previous sentence also a parallelism. lets see below examples.

            He enjoyed the Dandiya of Gujarat  and  the Bhangra  of  Punjab
            That Circulation  form is not active, but passive (Adj)
            Scoring a big score against fast bowler is as hard as against spin bowlers
            Mila wants to work a bold role or a lust role in her next movie

See the below Examples of Parallelism Correction. 

☓ Abhishek had bought a Cake, found a Knife, and choose a Place  for Party before Aish  arrived.
✔ Abhishek had bought a Cake, found a Knife, and chosen a Place  for Party before Aish  arrived.
☓  Mary likes to hike, to swim, and bicycling
✔  Mary likes to hike, to swim, and to ride a bicycle.
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