ibps po questions paper/answers key held on 27/10/2013

ibps po 2013 questions and answers key Held on 27th october – morning and evening shift

ibps po 2013 questions and answers key held on 27 october 2013. we are covering both sessions such as morning session & evening session in this post.
we all know saturday papers were again lengthy and not easy to solve. but lets hope today ibps questions and answers on 27th october 2013 would be easy, as per our prediction, time management will be the key part again. we are going to upload full question paper / answer key of ibps probation officer october 2013

if you dont know guys, we have covered previous exams of ibps po 2013 which was held in 19th and 20th 2013 you can find materials and solutions in our blog as well.
ibps po 2013 questions and answers
ibps po 2013 morning questions held on 26 october. 

paper review of today’s exam of ibps po III | ibps po 2013

well, we are covering ibps po 2013 answer key quite well but let me tell you guys about experience of candidates who recently finished examination which was held in morning session today.

kumar bharavi one of the facebook user commented on our group that exam was lengthy, mostly aptitude and reasoning was tough to solve in time. according to him, gk and english was easy to solve, as per our prediction paper style is seems to be old again.

harshal lone mentioned that the key factor of ibps po question paper is “time management” because there is limited pattern of questions so obviously anatomy of syllabus would be hard due to competition. although he manage to get 132 questions which is quite remarkable. as per our prediction, time management again was key role.

stay tuned we are ready to update answers key and experiences of candidates also.
we have few questions coming from one FB friend thanks to Mr.Pintu Yadav for giving us questions and answers.

here is the link

IBPS PO Answer Key/Questions answers Exam held on 26/10/2013

IBPS PO Answer key held on 26 october 2013 – Questions and answers. IBPS examination for probational officers recruitment is on last stage now, only two days remaining for completing exams, we are ready to cover morning and evening sessions of today and tomorrow’s examination. ibps po exam 2013 is one of the keen online exams in india.

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First of all ibps po 2013 questions and answers will be launched after diwali by offcial ibps website http://www.ibps.in so don’t worry if full answer key or solution paper not available right now, we are covering all the things such as ibps materials, solution papers, online questions and answers and pdf in our job notifications 2013 site.

ibps stands for institute of banking personnel selection and ibps po 2013 is the third continuously successive exams for respective bank selection. there are lots of competition now so obviously question paper will be little bit comparative or may be lengthy and tough. although our previous analysis says only reasoning and computer questions would be tough for those who are appearing without preparation from syllabus. computer and general knowledge always depends on observing and practice level of candidates.

here i am presenting collection of questions and answers from IBPS PO 2013 which held on 26 october 2013 first time in internet

ibps po 2013 morning questions held on 26 october. 

Which of the following movie nominated for Oscar award?
Who among the following is FMC (Forward Markets Commission)?
3) What is the name of food grain scheme of himanchal pradesh?
4) Which of the following is the GAAR implementation date?
5) What is the name of new PM if iran ?
6) Who among the following is the new chairman of SBI?
7) Who among the following is the new chairman of AADHAR?
Fullform of NOFHC??
9) Indisโ€™s place in global competitive list by WEF?
10) Which of the following is the population growth rate (2001-2011)?
11) One question related with MSF.
12) Graphic biography on of whom released by amar chitra kotha -Dhyan Chand
13) Bank rate
14) Raghuram Rajan book name.– Fault lines
15) Which of the following Bank open 15000 branches.
16) Which of the following country in BRICS?
17) Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award.
18) One question related to INS VIKRANT.
19) Pullea Gopichand related to which game?
20) Maharashtra state launches ‘Manodhairya’ scheme for whom?
For rape victims
21) What is the Maximum limit in prority sector by public sec? 40 %
22) According to MSMED Act 2006,maximum limit in services is 5 crore .
what is minimum limit for
medium enterprises?
23) First women chief information commissioner
24) Sundarban located in which state – West Bengal
25) Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards(From
India).-The Good road

ibps po evening questions/answer key held on 26 october 2013
1. Full Form of IBSA?- India, Brazil, South Africa
2. Who has directed the Bollywood film The Lunchbox?- Ritesh Batra
3. According to 2011 census which state has highest Rural Population?- Uttar Pradesh (15.51 crore- 18.16% of Indias Rural Population)
4. Which tennis player has retired in August 14, 2013?- Marion Bartoli
5. Who is the Head of WTO?- Robert Azevedo
6. What is the MSF rate as on October 2013?- 9%
7. Who is the writer of the novel ‘Life of Pie’?- Yann Martel
8. International Children’s Peace Prize 2013 was awarded to?- Malala Yousafzai
9. Limit of educational loans under priority sector?
10. Senior citizens can invest upto?
11. Duration of 12th five year plan?- 2012-2017
12. Full Form of FTP?- File Transfer Protocol
13. GDP Growth rate of India as per Central Statistics Office (CSO) for 2013?
14. Full form of CDS?- Credit Default Swap
15. Fairfax group head which brought blackberry?- PremWatsa
16. Gujar Mal Modi award winner 2013?- Vinod Prakash Sharma
17. Bank which has headquarters in Bangalore?-VijayaBank
18. Aadhaar Bill name?- UIDAI bill
19. DAX 30 stock exchange of which country???Germany
20. as per IMF India’s GDP Growth rate??
21. CRR changed to —– from 99%?

 Questions asked in PO Examination (Morning and Evening Shift). Question Paper Was Quite Easy but some section time consuming. and also dont forgot to make comments about How was IBPS PO III Exam

Click here to IBPS PO Answer Key/Questions answers Exam held on 27/10/2013

upcoming ibps po exam 2013 (26-27 october 2013) exam preparation paper

ibps po exam 2013

institute of banking personnel selection also known as IBPS will conduct their next round on 26th and 27th october 2013

upcoming ibps po exam oct 2013 (26-27 october 2013) exam answerkey

ibps is really growing specially this time there are double candidates applied for examination, so obviously the more competition there the more hard examination it would be. but for our analysis ibps examination which was held in this month october 2013 for po – probation officers was one of the tricky examination where most of the candidates suffered time management, frustration and long lengthy puzzles, apart from that general knowledge and computer questions was one of the easiest parts on both morning and evening sessions at 19th and 20th october paper.
so now what? records always a memory of past experience and performance, but what is next? here is few tips for upcoming ibps po exam which will held on 26th and 27th october 2013.
best of luck in advance for ibps po exam 2013.
ibps po exam 2013
ibps po exam 2013

before we move on to ibps po exam 2013 guide let just give you previous questions and answers of examination which was held in 19th and 20th october 2013, we have covered both evening and morning session of ibps po exam 2013.

ibps po exam 2013

(1) solve computer and general knowledge questions first :-
well obviously that part of an examination is generally always in last, even in anatomy of paper gk, and computer session printed on last page. but as per successive students and psychologist’s reports this would be solved first and in quick time so that the confidence level of candidate would be roused up for next level of session which would be one of the tough part in examination.
(2) solve english portion at the last minutes :-
again, the tricky part plays big role, many of students are trying to solve english first of all because of good stories, puzzles and also factorial knowledge about english but guess what? generally english session can be solved in to your time management limits even before that because if you practice hard on subject like english then there is no issue regarding time cost or lengthy portion ever. so try to leave english for last moment because if only you have 10 minutes left for round up, we are sure that you can solve english easily rather than gk or computer cause at the last moment you don’t need any kind of boosting either, you only need few techniques and factorial knowledge.
(3) be calm and cool :-
pressure, pressure, and pressure. wo wo wo it is not ips interview guys, it is just a simple examination with complex questions. there would be no positive effect if you taking your pressurized mind with examination hall, later on you realize after results that a guy behind me was so dumb that there was no sign of tense on his/her face but still he cleared exam and i just short of it.
so be calm and cool, don’t worry whatever questions comes, answer if you know 100% cause there is no 50-50 life line for us.
(4) read about banking anatomy and current affairs.
well last but least when you faces first question of GK or computer, you would be sure that you know atleast 80% of answers so that your burden mind would be open and you can calculate or apply random tricks to maths and reasoning portion, because reasoning and maths can be passed only while doing practice with free and calm mind.
(5) share this post ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€ for help those who still eager to wait about po examination.
ibps po exam 2013 results will be declared after diwali and we will try our best to give you ibps po exam 2013 questions and answers pdf file and answer keys of all morning and evening session papers.

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