upcoming ibps po exam 2013 (26-27 october 2013) exam preparation paper

ibps po exam 2013

institute of banking personnel selection also known as IBPS will conduct their next round on 26th and 27th october 2013

upcoming ibps po exam oct 2013 (26-27 october 2013) exam answerkey

ibps is really growing specially this time there are double candidates applied for examination, so obviously the more competition there the more hard examination it would be. but for our analysis ibps examination which was held in this month october 2013 for po – probation officers was one of the tricky examination where most of the candidates suffered time management, frustration and long lengthy puzzles, apart from that general knowledge and computer questions was one of the easiest parts on both morning and evening sessions at 19th and 20th october paper.
so now what? records always a memory of past experience and performance, but what is next? here is few tips for upcoming ibps po exam which will held on 26th and 27th october 2013.
best of luck in advance for ibps po exam 2013.
ibps po exam 2013
ibps po exam 2013

before we move on to ibps po exam 2013 guide let just give you previous questions and answers of examination which was held in 19th and 20th october 2013, we have covered both evening and morning session of ibps po exam 2013.

ibps po exam 2013

(1) solve computer and general knowledge questions first :-
well obviously that part of an examination is generally always in last, even in anatomy of paper gk, and computer session printed on last page. but as per successive students and psychologist’s reports this would be solved first and in quick time so that the confidence level of candidate would be roused up for next level of session which would be one of the tough part in examination.
(2) solve english portion at the last minutes :-
again, the tricky part plays big role, many of students are trying to solve english first of all because of good stories, puzzles and also factorial knowledge about english but guess what? generally english session can be solved in to your time management limits even before that because if you practice hard on subject like english then there is no issue regarding time cost or lengthy portion ever. so try to leave english for last moment because if only you have 10 minutes left for round up, we are sure that you can solve english easily rather than gk or computer cause at the last moment you don’t need any kind of boosting either, you only need few techniques and factorial knowledge.
(3) be calm and cool :-
pressure, pressure, and pressure. wo wo wo it is not ips interview guys, it is just a simple examination with complex questions. there would be no positive effect if you taking your pressurized mind with examination hall, later on you realize after results that a guy behind me was so dumb that there was no sign of tense on his/her face but still he cleared exam and i just short of it.
so be calm and cool, don’t worry whatever questions comes, answer if you know 100% cause there is no 50-50 life line for us.
(4) read about banking anatomy and current affairs.
well last but least when you faces first question of GK or computer, you would be sure that you know atleast 80% of answers so that your burden mind would be open and you can calculate or apply random tricks to maths and reasoning portion, because reasoning and maths can be passed only while doing practice with free and calm mind.
(5) share this post 😉 😀 for help those who still eager to wait about po examination.
ibps po exam 2013 results will be declared after diwali and we will try our best to give you ibps po exam 2013 questions and answers pdf file and answer keys of all morning and evening session papers.

ibps po 2013 answer key | paper of 19/20 october 2013

ibps po answer key 2013

previously i posted questions of morning session and evening session of examination which was held in 20th october 2013 which can be read while clicking below link.

we have also submitted IBPS PO answer key of question and answer paper which was held in october 2013 in below link. over all mission ibps po 2013 was quite a lengthy and long most of the students finds paper was too hard.
we also added ibps po exam held on 26th october 2013 below.

for ibps po 2013 answer key of 19/20 october 2013 pdf click below

we have submitted report article regarding future examination of ibps po exam 2013 which will held on 26th and 27th october so must read guide for candicates. click below link and share if you like.


jobgyaan team is still investigating more questions and answers from candidates if you have any questions then feel free to comment below we will post you.

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ibps po exam questions (paper) and answers held on october 2013

IBPS questions and answers held on 20th october 2013

IBPS (institute of banking personnel selection) questions and answers

IBPS (institute of banking personnel selection)  questions and answers which was held in 20th october 2013.

ibps stands for institute of banking personnel selection had taken an examination of PO – probation officers for future recruiting of respective banks, our www.jobgyaan.com team reached on examination hall and asked about questions and answers from them, most of the students reported us that from ibps questions in morning examination are related to banking sector which is obviously fact because ibps is recruiting probation officers so many of them complaining about time management of questions and answers

specially reasoning and maths was too much lengthy and hard to solve in prescribed time only computer sections of ibps paper (which was held in 20th october morning session) was easy and indeed can be solved in time.

after that our team reached to evening students and talked about question and answers 
most of the students told us that paper was not tough but it was time consuming, question and answers of maths are too tough although, but computer and gk questions are easy to be answer.

over all our team analyze that ibps examination are going to be milestone for those who practice hard while solving maths reasoning and english which is again fact because gk and computer is not time consuming either, but specially maths and reasoning where you have to solve puzzles and methods are too time eaters.

some of candidates are also taking about that while taking examination, they could not maintain time management, but as per our analysis frustration was on of the biggest culprit because of hard core puzzles in ibps questions this time. so finally we collect some ibps po exam questions and answers held on october 2013 which is given below, generally for pro candidates or those who solved regular puzzles and maintain good practice while solving regular answer keys of old ibps exams and questions and answers
are satisfied.
following questions taken from morning bench of ibps  PO exam on 20th october 2013

  • When RBI want to reduce liquidity what action it will take?
  • Who is the first indian to win shooting competion in  world championship?
  • Full form of DHCP
  • Full form of EASIEST
  • Which is number one stock exchange in the world?
  • NEFT is used for?
  • Wheat ,bajra comes under rabi or kharif crop?
  • Which among the following is not a novel of Chetan Bhagat?
  • Name the new version of banking license software launched by
  • Infosys recently?
  • g20 summit 2013 venue where it was held?
  • who designed new rupees symbol?
  • award won by chidambaram?
  • gdp by cso?
  • largest stock exchange?
  • Rajiv Gandhi equity scheme
  • Which Bank is not headquartered in Kolkata?
  • Where has ONGC opened new gas based power plant recently?
  • Name the  joint venture of Tata Sons-Singapore Airlines
  • Who is the director of the film Satyagraha?
  • CEO of Women Bank
  • Who among the following is not a member of Parliament
  • ew Director General of CPRF
  • Micro finance Maximum investment Limit
  • Full Form of TLE
  • The first Indian-origin Miss America 2013  

 following questions are coming from students who faced evening ibps po exam which was held in 20th october 2013

who is Zimbambe president?
where is WTO head quater?
Gren revolution related to?

who is hero in Bhag milka  ?
who is Apple ceo?
Ranjan sodhi related to which sport?
International womens day?
Full form of gaar?
In computer full form of lmp?
full form of tcp ?
we are still searching for questions and answers which was held on 20th october 2013 (morning and evening section) if you have it kindly share via comments, for those who are looking for answers kindly google it because it will improve your knowledge otherwise wait for few days pdf file if coming.
kindly share it for those who have already applied but didn’t face exam

we have submitted report article regarding future examination of ibps po exam 2013 which will held on 26th and 27th october so must read guide for candicates. click below link and share if you like.

click below for ibps po 2013 questions and answers pdf which was held in 19th and 20th october 2013


best of luck guys ibps po 2013 gonna be competitive than ever in any competition.

series completion test | reasoning

series completion test | reasoning

in this type of test some numbers and/or alphabetical letters are given. They all form a series and change in a certain order. Series has one or more letters or numbers missing. The candidates are required to observe that specific order in which the number or letters would suit for the blank space if they continue to change in the same order. in simple words test of completion of series. each questions have different decoded completion test of series.
it will be clarified from the following examples.

series completion test | reasoning examples

Example 1. which of the alternative figures would correctly fill in the blank space in the following series of numbers?
6,13,27,55,111, ___
(A) 225          (B) 224
(C) 223          (D)231
(E) 230
Answer with Explanation :- 13 is greater than the double of 6 by 1. similarly 27 is greater than the double of 13 by 1. 55 is greater than the double of 27 by 1. 111 is greater than the double of 55 by 1. thus, in blank space there would be 2*111+1= 223
Hence the correct answer is (C).
Example 2. which one of the letter groups given below would replace the question mark (?) in the letter series?
(A) OSB         (B) PUE
(C) MPX        (D) OTC
Answer with explanation :- Last letter of the firs group is L and the first letter of second group is M. Here, M is the next letter of L in alphabet. Similarly the last letter of the second group is Z and the first letter of the third group is A. here A is the next letter of Z in alphabet. Therefore, the first letter of blank space should be the next letter of N, which is O. Besides, there is a gap of three letters between the first and second letters of each group. therefore, second letter of blank space should be fourth letter after O. i.e it should be S. in given alternatives only (A) is such alternative that has first letter as O and second as S. Hence (A) is the correct answer.
1 84 85 86 87 88