series completion test shortcuts

series completion test shortcuts
in this type of examination some numbers or alphabetical letters are given to you. they all form a series and change in a certain order. Series has one or more letters or numbers missing. the candidates are required to observe that specific order in which the number or letters would suit for the blank space if they continue to change in the same order
it will be clarified from the following examples but before we go to such examples here is some notes that you should note down.

series completion test shortcuts

The sum of the first n natural numbers

sum of squares of n natural numbers

The sum of the cubes of the first n natural numbers

The sum of the first n odd natural numbers

(2n-1) = n2

sum of first n even numbers

these are the basics to crack series completion test if you can remember few of them you can be able to own 2 or 3 marks in examination.

now i am giving here examples of  series completion test kindly solve it for practice.
i hope it will helpful if it is then kindly share it with friends.
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