Thursday, September 18, 2014

Western Railway Recruitment 2014 / 11814 Verious Vacancies

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indian rail 11814 vacancies
RRB Bhopal also known as WR Recruitment Board declared lots of vacancies for helper, trackman, khalasi, and ticket collector. WR job vacancies available online at Application will accepted till 10th October 2014.
you can apply online and bla bla bla bla bla bla.. wait what is this?

this is actually fake recruitment please please do not believe in this type of recruitments ever. as per our conversation with honorable secretory in western railway through mail, they even don't know about this recruitment.

WR Railway Bhopal Recruitment 11814 Candidate Recruitment is fake 

after our email, immediately uploaded public notification regarding this fake recruitment (click here to read

Please Spread this message to your friends who are going apply for this fake post as there is  confirmed notice given by official western railway recruitment - bhopal that they are not taking any kind of recruitment on

Previously Jobgyaan has exposed ERDO fake recruitment & GIC Fake Recruitment. Guys we are advising you that do not trust on every job publishing website.  

they are copy pasters nothing else, we are the one who first confirms and then broadcast the recruitment information on web.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

GSSSB Clerk Recruitment 2014 - 2444 Vacancies

Bin Sachivalay Class -3 Clerk Recruitment 2014 on OJAS by Gujarat gaun seva pasandagi mandal. there are 2444 jobs vacancies available to be filled up at Ojas. GSSSB Bin Sachivalay Class -3 Clerk Recruitment Process will be start from 17th September 2014.

gsssb bin sachivalay clerk recruitment 2014

GSSSB Clerk 2014 official advertisement will available at ojas. as per the education qualification is concern, candidate must have passed 12th examination or equivalent qualification. age limit is 18th year to 28th year maximum for application. computer basic knowledge is compulsory.

following is the official advertisement on sandesh newspaper regarding gsssb clerk 2014 recruitment

how to apply online gsssb clerk 2014 on ojas

to apply for following vacancies candidates have to fill up online application form on in following time of period. official notification will be updated soon. kindly note that first five years will be on probation.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time Management Tips For Competitive Bank Exams

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time management for bank exams
Whether you are brilliant student or dumb appliers in any competitive exams, Time Management is keen and most frustrating issues for everyone. actually, every-time when you grown up in your life you gets less time for heavy examination with lots of questions. that's the life and we have to face it. the gurus and the successful people which are our motivational persons knows time management for sure. let's not move on philosophy and get it back on our subject which is Time management tips for competitive exams.

Time management tips for Bank exams

students of high schools or collage are not so serious about length of questions or period of time in examinations but those students might worried about scoring who wants to apply for better and prospective career in banking sector or lets say in any kind of sector that produce career boost. 

Note : We are not going to discuss about pre meditated time schedule for examinations. we are looking for the best results in time management while sitting into exams.

everybody knows the structure of competitive examinations, if you are applying for ibps, sbi, ssc examination, you will get 120 minutes for 200 approximate questions to solved. so lets consider you have the structure of examination. 

your examination time consume depends on two things which is given below.
1) Number of Questions
2) Number of minutes you have

so lets discuss about how to solve bank question paper in two hours. 

How to Solve Bank Exams Question Paper in Time

Observe your syllabus:
next thing to consider is what is in paper style or what is your syllabus. we know in bank exams, reasoning - aptitude - gk - computer - English segments are mandatory. they are actual syllabus so now we have our syllabus.

Choose your favorite subject first
Lots of people believe that solving reasoning & aptitude in last will get you more achievement in scoring but according to actual scorers, it doesn't even matter if your favorite subject is reasoning. so choose your one of the best subject wisely to solve it first. still if you are solving GK & English first it will definitely beneficial for you, but if your favorite subject is aptitude then just go for it.

Divide your minutes

set calculative minutes to each and every subject. general awareness invests hardly 15 minutes to be solved so does objective English. students have to consider particular amount of minutes to qualify passing mark at-least for every subjects. sometimes it happens when you know everything on a paper but later on aptitude and reasoning spend your whole time so you didn't have much time to passout in other chapters. so it is important to diversify your valuable minutes given in exam.

last but not least hurry up cause time bomb gonna blast soon.

this is it. team jobgyaan wishing all the best to all our readers and visitors for their competitive examination. we hope that time management tips helps you to score maximum.

IBPS PO 2014: Pre-Examination Training Call-Letter Download

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Download IBPS PO Pre-Exam Hall Ticket - Call Letter - Admit Card 2014 from IBPS.In. Institute of Banking Personnel Selection has released Call Letters for minority communities to attend Pre - Examination Training *Online* of IBPS PO 2014.
Pre Exam Training call letter download

Pre Exam Training Call Letter / Hall Ticket / Admit Card Download : IBPS PO 2014

Candidates who are coming from Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribes / Minority Communities can download their call letters of IBPS PO 2014 Pre Examination training from IBPS website which is (Click here)

How to Download IBPS PO 2014 Call Letter

user have to follow the below guidelines to download successfully their admit cards for pre exam training.
-> user have to login to po 2014 panel
-> enter your user id (registration number) password or date of birth
-> click on hall ticket download 
-> save it and print it out for future preferences 

that's it, if you have any queries related to IBPS PO 2014 while downloading pre exam training's  Call letter / Admit card / Hall ticket then do comment below.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bank Interview Questions and Answers Anatomy

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Bank Jobs Interview with Questions and Answers. There are two types of interview questions asked on Bank jobs which mentioned below. Banking Industries are financial Mall, where you can get every financial products and services within your Account. Most of the brilliant candidates fears about Bank Interview Questions. Research Study says that 99% of Appliers for bank jobs have psychologic  fear about their interviews by Bank HR. Don't worry, you will find the best way to solve Bank interview Questions after reading this full article.

bank interview questions

Bank Interview Questions and Answers 

there are two types of questions in bank interview which is given below.
-> Your Personality test
-> Your Banking / Financial Knowledge test

1) Personality Test : 
there are many questions can be asked to check test your personality. the reason behind this test is to know what actual you are and what is your ability to handle such a huge and busy network scenario. most probably bankers are testing their forthcoming employees on common psychological questions

2) Your Banking Knowledge :
Bankers required their candidates with full financial market's knowledge as we mentioned earlier, bank is not only an office where we can withdraw our demand drafts, but also financial mall where every financial products are on sell for consumers such as insurance, mutual funds, etc.

Basic and frequently asked Interview Questions : 

Different jobs require different kinds of behavior patterns. Some require assertiveness, others require people to passively do whatever they're told. Some jobs are best filled by people with effervescent personalities, while others are better suited to the kind of person who prefers to interact with his or her computer over people, and so on. As you are preparing for your interview, think about what kind of qualities and personality the employer might required in you, and assume that you will encounter some questions that will probe to see if you fit. Come to your interview prepared with stories that demonstrate how you have exhibited these kinds of actions in your current or past roles. You will likely find an opportunity to tell your stories in response to questions that begin with something like we have included the most frequent asked questions for any kind of interview which is " tell me about yourself "

The following sets of questions are the most highlighted and frequently asked in any kind of job interviews. Prepare yourself for better scoring rate.
interview questions and answers

Tell me about yourself?
ans : we have already attached separate article regarding the most common interview question ever. its actually starter question for any jobs whether you are applying for freshers recruit or you are managing director.

What are your strengths?

strength and weakness generally asked to test the fundamentals of brain while taking tremendous corporate pressure by employers. here is the model answer regarding the question.
Note : this is only model answer, candidate has to create own answer by observing his  / her skills.

My strengths are I am friendly and get easily get along with the environment. I like to be sincere with my work. As well I like to do them with different logical thinking. I like to learn new things. I am optimistic, flexible to any type of environment, positive attitude, I have give the First opportunity towards the goal oriented task. That due to my trusting other people easily, they also get familiar to me. And by regular motivation and a trust or faith imposed by someone, I do the work with greatest efficiency and make them satisfied. So my weaknesses turn into strengths with a slight direction. Working under any condition no matter how stressful it may seem. I am optimistic person, I see positive in every situation, and I am a self confident.

What are your weaknesses?
lots of candidates fail to answer this question properly. actually your employer wants to know your weakness but you shown up that you don't have any weakness and that's not the possible. even god has weakness, no one is perfect in this world. so while answering this question candidate have to find the error in corporate sector's strength. like if you are going to face 'sales interview' you will have to present yourself like you are too much conservative with people and so on. let say if you are applying for 'cashier job interview' so while giving this answer you'll have to focus on client based errors in corporate sector. my answer will be 'I get angry when work can't be done in time'

And my weaknesses are, sometimes I get angry and irritated when work can't be done but then. I handle by focusing on problem. And sometimes I can't express myself emotionally. I'm more talkative toward the gain the knowledge. I am an emotional person and trust people easily. Another that I need regular motivation. Riving to finish my task that was assigned if I don't complete my task I become restless to the job is done. I cannot express my emotion in front of my family. I won't feel comfortable until I complete my work. And I get annoyed if someone disturbs me unnecessarily while I'm working.

What exactly is it in your background that makes you feel like you are qualified for this position? or Why do you want to work here?
if you are fresher you might answer this:
As I am fresher, Its great pleasure to work with your company. Because it will help me to explore my skills and to know my working ability. And I think that it will be a good platform for me to prove myself as your company encourages freshers.
if you are experience person:
You must do research before the interview and come up with two or three reasons you want to work for the company. Search company Web sites for mission statements, product and service information, principals' backgrounds and contact information. Don't say any bad words to your previous company ever it will ruin your opportunities.

Why did you leave your last job?
this question depends on circumstantial position of job seeker. if you have bad circumstances that you don't want to answer or you feel that it will damage your whole interview then simply answer that you are looking for better career opportunity and so on.
I am very thank full to my current organization for providing me a platform. But now I have to enhance my skill, knowledge and growing my career. That why I want to change.

What have your achievements been to date?
It is important that you pick an achievement that you are genuinely proud of, something that is true to you. When we tell stories we naturally relive the emotions we felt during that time and you want to be passionate and engaging when talking to your interviewer.
You’ll want to make sure you have thought through this question carefully before the interview and have selected both a key professional achievement as well as a key personal achievement, cover both bases and present yourself with emotions.

Tell me about a problem you have solved?
this question is not much popular in Asian countries but its the most questionable point in USA, UK and Australia. simply observe the scenario that actually solved by you and present yourself with according. here is how you present the things that you solved.

  • Define the problem
  • Define your role in solving the problem
  • Define the result 

If you could change one thing in your current position or company, what would that be?
this is the best entrepreneur question for those candidates who applying for photo-shoot jobs, or job that required creativity rather than knowledge, but sometimes it asked in banking and financial interviews too. carefully answer this question because simple 'I Don't know' or this organization is '100% perfect' is not the answer that human resources wants to listen.

Where do you see yourself in say four years’ time?
I see myself sitting in your seat, lol this is not your answer. the psychology behind this question is to know what actual your capacities and your skills. you will have to answer each and every strengths that you mentioned in your resume.

Banking Interview Questions part 2

the above questions are testing 'who you are' and 'what is your thinking point of corporate sector' but for this segment of questions, candidates have to prepare themselves. check all the activities of your employer's website. search out in wikis and blogs regarding their projects, fundamentals, founders, managing directors, their most favorite services and products, their tag line meaning, their logo meaning. after that do study the current financial condition of your country as well as whole banking sector. check banker's bank or government's action regarding financial constitution cause they are moderators of whole income and outcomes. 

Thank you guys for reading this long article regarding best Bank interview Questions and its answers on jobgyaan. I'm currently working on HR Recruitment & Management counselling Department of well known private sector bank. i hope its useful. - Meena Parekh